September 2010

Although this page is run by the band, WE ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER!

Eternal Suffering started out in 1994 under the name Disgorge. It basically started with Brian and Chad jamming out some simple DM songs and it evolved from there. Wayne and Chris joined shortly afterwards to complete the lineup of Chad on drums, Brian on guitar, Chris on bass, and Wayne on vocals.

We recorded a few basement rehearsal demos over the first couple years, but the big step was in 1997 when we went into the studio to record our first official demo, 'Remain Forever In Misery' which was self released and limited to 500 copies. Soon after, we began playing a lot of shows locally and being included on various DM related compilation CD's.

In 1998 we recorded our first and only full length album, 'Drowning In Tragedy' which got us a name as an up and coming DM band after it's release by Extremities/Repulse in 1999. We played all over the New England area, and we also played big festivals like Milwaukee Metalfest, New Jersey Metalfest, Texas Grindfest, and November to Dismember in California. Also around this time, Chris switched to play guitar and we got a friend of ours [and long time ES fan] named John Landolfi to play bass for us.

In 2000 we went back into the studio with Roger from Mortician/Malignancy to record a split CD with Vomit Remnants. Unfortunately, things didn't work out so well and somehow the master copy got destroyed. All we have of it is a CDR with our tracks on it. Needless to say, the split with VR never happened, although we're in the process of getting a mixed/mastered version of this CD released later in 2007.
[update: this has been released, and is available to purchase directly from the band on the Merchandise the link on the left! ]

In late 2000, Wayne left the band due to musical differences. He was replaced by Bill who took over on vocals until Eternal Suffering disbanded in mid-2001.

Wayne continued on doing his band Scum Bitch, as well as a solo old school DM band called Decrepitaph. Chris and Wayne worked together in an 80's thrash style band called Skulleton. Chad joined a hardcore band called Back of tha Neck that was together for a few years and released a demo CD before calling it quits. Brian and John have not been in any other projects since the demise of Eternal Suffering.

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