The History of ES

Eternal Suffering first formed in 1994. Their original style was more of a gore based Death Metal band with simplistic riffing and lots of faster sections. Sometime in 1996 they entered the studio to record their "Remain Forever In Misery" demo CD, which was limited to 500 copies. The response was good for this first demo and the band played lots of local shows around the Boston area.

When Eternal Suffering were ready to record their first full length in 1998, the style had gone a lot more in the brutal Death Metal vein. Lots of pummeling blast sections and lots of breakdowns, all which were offset by the poetic nature of the lyrics. Eternal Suffering planned on releasing this new CD entitled "Drowning In Tragedy" with Pathos Productions out of Rhode Island. Things fell through with that deal, and somehow a CDR of the album ended up in the hands of Extremities out of California.

Since we were left with a brand new album that we were pretty happy with and no label to put it out, we gave Extremities the go ahead to release it. The cover artwork was screwed up by the designer, and that's why the cover is almost totally black. It wasn't supposed to look like that AT ALL. Unfortunately, we didn't see this until the album was done, and by then it was too late.

Sometime between the time the album was recorded and released, Eternal Suffering had a small lineup change. Chris had been playing bass since the band started, but he decided he wanted to move to guitar. We already had someone in mind for the slot, and before Chris even moved, we asked John to join as the new bassist. We had played shows with his previous band Sevenday Curse, and we knew him quite well and it was obvious he was totally into the music we were playing, so he stepped up without a second thought.

After "Drowning In Tragedy" was released, Eternal Suffering played more shows out of state, including appearances at the Texas Grindfest, March Metal Meltdown, and Milwaukee Metalfest. The style of music we were playing since '94 was gaining some popularity, and we had a constant supply of shows which we got the chance to meet many great bands from all over the country.

In 2000, the vocalist Wayne decided to leave the band due to musical differences. It's cliche to say that, but it's true. The band quickly found another singer (longtime friend, fan & "roadie" - Billy Cazeault) and continued on for another 6 or 7 months before calling it quits.